Assisted Reproduction

Reproduction Treatments

It is known as the set of medical techniques whose objective is to facilitate the approach between the sexual cells, in order to achieve pregnancy in couples with reproductive disorders.

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Preservation of Fertility

Vitrification of Reproductive Cells

It consists on the application of special technologies that allow by cellular freezing, to keep alive for an indefinite period the different reproductive cells.

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Reproductive Surgery

It consists on several types of surgery and specialized techniques used to propitiate fertility in women, when there is a reproductive disorder.

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Sonography Service

It consists on the different types of sonography studies that are performed for the diagnosis and management of gynecological, obstetrical or reproductive problems.

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Our Specialists

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Alexis Martinez, MD
Medical Director
Medical and laboratory director at FERTILAM. Specialist of assisted reproduction of low and high complexity.
Armando Gonzalez Cury, MD.
Gynecologist Obstetrician - Collaborator
In FERTILAM, he participates in the stages of diagnosis and management of infertility, performing follicular aspiration in highly complex assisted reproduction (IVF and ICSI).
Fausto Mejia, MD
Urologist - Collaborator
In FERTILAM it assists in the treatment of the Male Factor of Infertility, and performs Testicular Aspirations and biopsies, when required, to perform procedures of Assisted Reproduction of high complexity.
Ivan Strachan Kerankova, MD
General Surgeon - Collaborator
In FERTILAM participates as a collaborator in laparoscopic surgeries and as support for cases of difficult surgeries or complications.
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Who applies for fertility treatment?

Every couple who have at least one year of frequent and unprotected sex should be studied Read more

Causes of Infertility

The most frequent causes of infertility are: ovulatory disorders in women (28-30%), tubal obstruction (20-25%), and male problems (25-40%). Read more 

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